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Our Services

From Software Development to Consultative Tech Engineering

Modern Software and Electronics Product Development

We take your product from a napkin drawing to mass production. There’s no substitute for careful planning, thoughtful processes and precision execution. Soup-to-Nuts technology product development!

Software Architecture Consulting

It’s one thing to write a line-of-business desktop application, mobile or web app. It’s something completely different to have the foresight into how the lifecycle of your products and software impacts the bottom line on your business every day. We have extensive software architecture experiences in many industries. From the smallest sensor in the field, to massive data processing in the cloud, we make sure you get it right. Let us help plan your next game changing software project.

Software Engineering

Our team of expert-level software engineers can help your project get moving quickly. We understand how to choose the right software technology for the job which often saves significate amounts of NRE costs. We have extensive knowledge of software stacks and frameworks. We love Open Source software and we’re ready to help you leverage it in your next design.

Medical Device

Many of our staff members worked in the medical and avionics industries. These highly regulated industries ask much more from software engineers than other industries.  Understanding how to implement 62304 compliant software is something we’re very proud of. We can also help architect your medical device software to ensure it’s meeting the product’s safety classification.

Embedded Linux

The Linux ecosystem is the un-sung hero of today’s software industry. It’s the software backbone of the internet. Billions of people rely on this Open Source software every day.  We know how to customize and deploy state of the art software on custom, build from source code Embedded Linux. Come see just how much Embedded Linux can cut your embedded project’s time to market.

FPGA, GPU and Hardware Acceleration

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. At Backburner Labs we’ve been hardware accelerating real-time computer controls systems since before AI was even in the news! We can help you choose the proper compute architecture to meet your compute performance needs. From edge applications to cloud compute, we know how to design your software run fast. 

ioT and Cloud

The IoT landscape is one of the fastest changing software technology spaces today.  When you marry diverse sensors for exciting new applications with cloud computing technology, there is a huge amount of revenue streams at your disposal. We can help you plan, develop and deploy your next IoT product quickly.

Let's Get Started

We can guide, develop and design your product from the ground up. 

Data Processing
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