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Backburner Labs Inc.

High-end technology consulting with eyes on what's next.



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At Backburner Labs we pride ourselves on being experts in software and electronics engineering.  Our team has a finger of the pulse of technology - let us help guide your next big software or electronics project. We know how to keep projects on time by choosing the best, most vetted processes, stacks and archetectures.  We leverage Open-Source software and technology every day to deliver value to our customers.  We can guide, develop or design your product from the ground up. 


Extensive Software & Tech Industry Experience

Backburner Labs brings extensive experience in software and electronics engineering to your company.  Looking into new technology stack for you business?  Tight timelines?  Technical uncertainty?   Is your project off the rails?  Hire us to help your team expertly navigate today's technical landscape.

Software Systems Consulting

Embedded and IoT Product Development

Hardware and Tech Designs

FGPA & High End Performance Parallel Computing

Medical Device & 62304 Compliance Projects

Fintech & Blockchain Technology

Real-time Software

Project Management

Embedded Linux


Engineering. Accelerating. Growing Today.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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